Find a tenant in good standing

The expressions, “something is not always what it seems to be” and “don’t judge a book by its cover”, might be clichés, but when it comes to renting out your property, they’re the most fitting. Investing in a property is a big decision that no one takes lightly. It takes time, effort and a lot […]


A property inspection is an examination that records a property’s condition, to protect both the landlord and the tenant. I learnt the hard way that this is a very accurate definition over the past few months. As a landlord, it is my responsibility to ensure that proper inspections are conducted. If I fail to conduct […]

Landlord Rights VS Tenant Rights

With all the changes that have been happening in our country over recent years, it’s difficult to keep up with exactly what some laws are, or what rights landlords and tenants are entitled to. One thing most people in this country are aware of (even if we do not know exactly what it says or […]

Eviction Emergency

After last week’s unfortunate news about the record amount of Notice Letters sent out to defaulting tenants, I made a point this past week to find out if people I know had stories to tell about evictions and situation they have had to deal with. To my surprise, each and every person I urged about […]

Behold the Evil Eviction Experience

Thank goodness I’ve never had to evict a tenant myself, but I’ve observed enough to know that it can become a terrible nightmare. And unfortunately, it seems like many people are forced to deal with this nightmare currently. TPN confirmed that they hit a record of nearly 1 300 “letters of demand” sent out in […]

Why Rental Guarantee is so Important?

It can be quite overwhelming to be a landlord… To mention only a few, here are things we should keep a close check on – collecting rent, dealing with uncooperative tenants, late rent payments, damages to our properties and much more. This entire burden affects our daily lives. MyRentr just launched MyRentr Guarantee, an all-in-one […]

Nurturing your renting relationships

Any relationship needs some nurturing, and personally, I think we neglect to nurture a very critical relationship namely our renting relationship with our tenants. Most of us only see the person or people living in our property once or twice, and after the first two month’s payments, we trust them as if we’ve known them […]

Property Management starts with Regular Inspections

This blog is an adjusted Australian article, written by Ray White. It’s a good read and very relatable to South Africa; I’m commenting on some of his thoughts as we go. Securing a tenant who pays their rent on time is great. However, this needs to be coupled with a tenant who maintains the property. […]

Protecting your Property

I’ve made it my personal duty to find out as much as possible about rental income protection and then to share it with as many people as possible. Reason being that after a few conversations with landlords I noticed that very few of us (and I am pretty sure in general) actually know anything about […]

Benefits of Virtual Property Inspection

After a visit with a close friend this week my suspicion about property inspection is confirmed… Many private landlords think that once they get a tenant, their work is done. The reality is that most of the work then actually starts. Ensuring your tenant looks after your property is one crucial task and should be […]